Acing The Internet

A webring for asexual webmasters.

Criteria to Join

What's this?

This is a webring for asexual folks on the internet! If you don't know what a webring is, check out this explanation.

How to join

To join the webring, open a pull request and supply the name and URL of your site. If you publish a RSS feed, you can provide that as well.

If you don't have a Github account, you can also use this form to sign up. The webring admin will then look at your site and handle your request.

Add the banner

Once you've joined the ring, copy this code snippet into your site:

    <p>Member of the <a href="">Acing The Internet</a> webring</p>
    <a href="">Previous</a>
    <a href="">Random</a>
    <a href="">Next</a>
<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

It will render this banner that links to the other members:

Member of the Acing The Internet webring

Previous Random Next

Credit for the asexual pride badge goes to viriju on Toyhouse!

Want to host your own webring?

If you want to start your own webring, fork this project on Github and follow the instructions in the README.

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